Launch/Stores and Spares Delivery with Miller Marine Services

The marine construction industry is often in need of offshore deliveries. Miller Marine Services, inc. is equipped to carry out such deliveries via our fleet of specialized vessels. Whether you are in need of spare parts delivery, or vessels themselves, our equipment will always be prompt, clean, and ready to carry out the operation you need. We are fully equipped and licensed to safely deliver equipment to any vessel.

Our line of launch/stores and spare parts delivery vessels are fully equipped with the most modern technology. The vessels we offer at Miller Marine Services Inc. also come equipped with top of the line crew accommodations.

Client satisfaction is the top priority of the Miller Marine Services team. Here at Miller Marine Services we pride ourselves on not only the comfort, but the safety of you and your crew. The comfort and care that our vessel rentals provide will ensure that your crew gets the results that you need. Our trained and knowledgeable professionals are ready to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to discuss our options available for launch/stores and spares delivery services.