Vessels & Boats Services with Miller Marine Services

Miller Marine Services Inc. offers a diverse line of marine support services. Our services includes US Coast Guard inspected vessels, which will provide an excellent working platform to fit your project requirements along the northeast coastline. The available vessels range from shallow water to offshore support vessels, utility boats, crew boats, LCM-8 Landing craft and 25’ assist boats. OSV’s provide support services to offshore drilling, pipe laying and exploration activities. Miller Marine Services takes pride in configuring the vessels necessary for the success of your project, including a 4 point anchor system, a crane, an A Frame and ample room for your equipment and crew. The “Megan Miller”, for example is a 100’ Utility Vessel that includes living quarters for up to sixteen personnel and on board cook is available.

For over thirty years, client satisfaction has been a priority of the Miller Marine Services team, as well as providing for the safety of you and your crew. Unlike other offshore supply vessel companies, our knowledgeable professionals are standing by to answer your questions and to fulfill your vessel support needs.