Examples of the Work of a Marine Service Technician

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There are many different types of marine service workers. Some work in the water, performing towing and salvage tasks, and others are on land, conducting projects like marine construction support vessels. Here are some examples of the work of marine service technicians. Listed below are some common jobs in this field. Also, learn about the qualifications of marine construction support technicians. If you are interested in a career in this field, consider applying for a job as a marine maintenance technician.

Towing and salvage
There are some situations where a marine service can be of more value than a salvage company. For example, when a boat runs out of fuel, the battery dies, or the engine starts to malfunction, it may be necessary to tow the boat to a salvage yard. By ensuring your membership with a towing service, you will be protected from unpleasant surprises. Fortunately, many towing companies are also qualified salvage.

Salvage companies base their claims on the value of the salvaged item, which can be anywhere from one percent to 100 percent. The cost of a salvage service will vary based on the peril and the type of item salvaged, so it’s important to understand the difference between the two. You should also know that marine service you want to use for your upcoming boating needs, and what to expect when you call.

Marine construction support vessels
Hydra’s fleet of multipurpose marine construction support vessels and subsea construction support vessels performs a variety of jobs in deepwater oil and gas projects. These vessels are conveniently docked in the Sabine Ship Channel, just off Port Arthur, Texas. They are equipped for saturation diving and inspection, maintenance and repair projects. These ships are used to facilitate the drilling and installation of new offshore oil wells and are designed to meet the needs of oil companies and construction companies alike.

Another type of Marine construction support vessel is the Diving Support Vessel (DSV). These ships have large deck areas and are used for assisting with underwater inspection and maintenance. They have a moonpool to make it easy to exchange human divers and remote-operated vehicles with the worksite. These vessels can also be used for surface projects. These vessels are equipped with cranes to handle subsea work. These vessels also perform supply duties and inspection activities.

Miller Marine Services Inc. offers a large range of US Coast Guard-inspected vessels to suit the specific needs of offshore construction projects. From utility boats to crew boats, these vessels can fit project requirements along the northeast coastline. They are also equipped with modern technologies for heavy lifting, support diving, and pipe and cable installation. Most of their vessels have been equipped with a crane and are capable of lifting and transporting equipment in challenging conditions. Many of their boats also feature a comfortable living quarters with on-board kitchens.

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